I don’t even ship it canon wise, but can we talk about how incredibly wonderful it would be to play out the dysfunctional, toxic relationship that is Draco/Pansy?

                 But I’m only Human
             Aɴᴅ I ʙʟᴇᴇᴅ ᴡʜᴇɴ I ғᴀʟʟ ᴅᴏᴡɴ
             ᴵ’ᵐ ᵒᶰˡʸ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ
            And I crash and I break down

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"We aren’t symbiotic beings,
 you know.
 I’m capable of independently existing.
 And you didn’t answer my question.”

❝ Aren’t you?
   You have everyone convinced
   of otherwise. I am curious as to
   what has given you the impression
   that I owe you any sort of explanation. ❞ 

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"What’re you doing here?”

    Almost didn’t recognize you
    without Weasel-Bee & Scar Face
    at each of your sides. ❞ 

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  • “Take THAT, you dirty cheating—”
  • “Jiggery pokery! Hocus pocus – squiggly wiggly –”
  • “Dungbombs rule.”
  • “That probably means you’re going to be eaten by a giant marshmallow or something.”
  • “How long have you been ‘Big D’ then?”
  • “The only thing that’s got bigger bones than you is a dinosaur.”
  • “You laughed at my moustache!”
  • “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Excuse me, are you the imprint of a departed soul?”
  • “How really corking to see you.”
  • “You don’t want to bottle your anger up like that – there might be a couple people fifty miles away who didn’t hear you.”
  • “You wouldn’t recognise a joke if it danced naked in front of you wearing a tea cozy.”
  • “Make way for the heir of Slytherin – seriously evil wizard coming through.”
  • “Wow, I wonder what it’d be like to have a difficult life?”
  • “Many people are under the impression I own a badly behaved rabbit.”
  • “One person can’t feel all that at once, they’d explode.”
  • “Just because you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have.”
  • “Better wizards than you have lost buttocks, you know.”
  • “Who d’you know who’s lost a buttock?”
  • “Why are you worrying about YOU-KNOW-WHO, when you should be worrying about YOU-NO-POO? The constipation sensation that’s gripping the nation!”
  • “Why are they all staring?”
  • “Don’t let it worry you. I’m extremely famous.”
  • “Honestly, if you were any slower, you’d be going backwards.”
  • “The poor toilet’s never had anything as horrible as your head down it. It might be sick.”
  • “Off for a cup of tea with your fanged servant?”
  • “Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be ‘follow the butterflies’?”
  • “Out of all the trees we could’ve hit, it had to be the one that hits back.”
  • “You need your Inner Eye tested, if you ask me.”
  • “You’re as nutty as squirrel poo.”
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Not all love is gentle. Sometimes it’s gritty and dirty and possessive, sometimes it’s not supposed to be careful or soft at all. Sometimes it feels like teeth.
Azra T (via justmoran)
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For whatever reason, I decided re-reading Isolation by Bex-Chan was a good idea.


We are creating a giant master-list for every Harry Potter roleplayer.

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